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Senior men's / women's health watch: what uses?

May 29,2021


Connected to the Internet, connected objects can provide many services to seniors in several areas: health, well-being, home automation, security, maintenance of autonomy, etc. Let us take the example of the men's / women's health watch . The market is developing at high speed. It is used in particular to monitor health indicators and can even detect falls. Zoom in on this device, which is increasingly popular among young people… but also among the elderly!


The health watch: “the guardian angel” of seniors

Senior health watch: generalities and objectives

The telecare for the elderly continues to grow. Today, many e-health devices have sprung up with one goal: to help users be in harmony with their bodies through tools for heart health, stress management, skin temperature and more. The health watch is the perfect example.

This can help seniors to stay independent for as long as possible thanks to geolocation, heart rate measurement, fall detection, blood oxygen level control and sleep regulation.

Health watch: The possibility of anticipating dependence.

This data is usually analyzed by an application. They can also be monitored by the attending physician. Thus, in the event of an anomaly, relatives or emergency services are alerted.

The health watch is also a great opportunity to anticipate risks and the loss of autonomy thanks to predictive analyzes and the implementation of “life scenarios”. Overall, it brings a better quality of life for seniors and above all: more security.


Cutting-edge design to avoid stigma

The main strength of the health watch is its design . Although efforts are being made in terms of aesthetics in the field of remote alarms , certain prejudices are still valid. The situation changes when you equip yourself with a connected watch . Indeed, the majority of young people wear them. It is therefore an inter generational product and not subject to any stigmatization: a significant advantage for the elderly who wish to combine the useful with the pleasant!

How to choose your health watch?

To choose your smart health watch , you have to go about it in the same way as selecting a traditional remote assistance device . You must identify your needs, your expectations and the use that you will make of them.

 The health watch is a home care solution of choice for seniors. However, many of them do not see the need for it. They prefer to opt for a traditional home elderly alarm , allowing an alert to be triggered manually when needed. For some, this technology is more than sufficient, especially for those who have their full autonomy and who do not tend to fall frequently.

How to get a fall detector watch or anti-fall bracelet?

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