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Which GPS tracker to choose?

Jun 07,2021


Umeox GPS tracker: How does it work?

The Umeox GPS tracker is a practical gadget for locating your property, it sends you anti-theft alerts to notify you in the event of suspicious movement on your vehicles, children and even pets.

You define security zones via the app and the tracker does the rest! It tells you when it goes in or out with perfect precision. All of this is accessible via the app in real time. You can also retrace the route taken by the plotter.


l GPS tracking and tracking 

The Umeox GPS Tracker allows you to track your valuables without distance limit, directly from the GPS application on your smartphone. The GPS Tracker transmits its position every 5 to 10 minutes when in motion (depending on your settings). Follow the history of his movements from the application.

l Geofencing and anti-theft alerts

Set up alert zones and receive a notification as soon as the tracker enters and / or leaves these zones. Activate the anti-theft alerts to be warned in the event of movement of your stationary vehicle and / or its inclination (> 30 °)

l Accuracy of the GPS beacon

The Umeox Mini 4G Tracker Bee can update its position every 5 or 10 minutes depending on your settings. It is not correct to say that this is a real-time GPS tracker - with a GPS accuracy of 25m. You can ring the tracker by bluetooth to find it easily.


Which GPS tracker for children?

Keeping an eye on your child on the go is now more feasible than ever with the Umeox GPS beacon.

 Slip it in his bag and be notified when he arrives at school or other specific destination.

 This can be done with a smartphone + parental control software and GPS tracking or with a smartwatch, except that smartphones are now banned in schools and smartwatches are quite fragile and expensive.

 If your child gets lost, you can easily find him or her via the application, you receive notifications every 3 minutes depending on your configurations and network.



Which GPS tracker for cats and dogs?

Get to know your pets better with the Umeox Pet Tracker for cats and dogs! Attach the GPS tracker to your pet's collar and track their movements in case they get lost or run away. 

The Pet Tracker also allows you to track your pet's activity, thanks to innovative artificial intelligence technology. Track your pet's long-term activity and rest indicators to detect changes in habit.

The gadget also provides you with an activity log. The Timeline offers a simple and comprehensive overview of the animal's activities, sleep, movement, for a deep understanding of what your cat or dog cannot express. A real tool for monitoring and prevention.


Which GPS tracker for bicycle and scooter?

Do you travel by bike most of the time? Do you live in the Netherlands and you are afraid that you will be stung?  Attach Umeox GPS tracker easily to your seat post.

Like Customized GPS trackers, in the event of a suspicious movement or attempted theft, you are notified in real time. Particularly practical for your scooter too!


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