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What Kind of Senile Smartwatch Do You Need when Your Parents Get Old?

May 17,2022

We who leave our hometown and live and work in other places are always the ones our parents miss the most. Faced with the care of our parents, how can we don't care about our parents who are far away in our hometown? Nowadays, the Internet of Things + smart hardware products are emerging in an endless stream with the rapid development of science and technology,  if you need to choose an elderly care smart device to replace your remote monitoring and give it to your parents, how would you choose? If smart wearable devices such as smart watches or smart bracelets for the elderly can be realized, what practical functions does a fitness and health smart watch have?

1. Emergency SOS function of fitness and health smart watch

In the vegetable field on rainy days, the fields are slippery, and we will always worry about my parents will fall down. Press the SOS button of the watch, the watch will start a triple alarm, the first alarm is a sound alarm, the watch will send out a sharp calling sound, causing people around to come to rescue. The second alarm is a text message alarm, and the The SOS text message is sent to the three guardians, even if the parents are in a coma after pressing the SOS button, the emergency SOS and real-time location information have been sent to the guardian's mobile phone. The second alarm is the telephone alarm, and the watch will automatically call the three guardians. You should send out distress information in a timely and accurate manner soas to shorten the golden rescue time, and escort the safety of parents.

2. Health monitoring function of health smart watch

Fitness and health smart watch have health detection functions, including blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature and other detection functions. It can automatically collect data at fixed intervals and upload it to the mobile APP, and at the same time, it can also remotely collect parents' health data in real time on the mobile APP. Just like the current epidemic, worrying about parental infection, it can monitor the daily temperature data of parents.

3. Reminder function of fitness and health smart watch

The smart watch has a reminder function. You can remotely set the reminder time on the APP to remind you of things, and the watch will remind parents through sound at the end of the point.

For parents, no matter what their children give, they will like it, not to mention such a well-thought-out fitness and health smart watch gift, which contains the children's infinite care and infinite love for their parents. With this "guardian" of parents' health and safety, children can also work hard outside with peace of mind. Technology changes life, people can also do monitoring from such a far distance.

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