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What is the Core of a Smart Watch? Sensors Are the Foundation of Smart Watch

Feb 23,2022

Currently, there are two main types of convenient heart rate smartwatches fitness trackers that we can buy on the market. One is a chest strap heart rate tracker, and the other is a wrist-based optical heart rate tracker, that is a smart watch.

1. Sensors are the foundation of smart watch

Chest strap heart rate trackers measure the electrical activity of the heart. Electrical signals from the heart are detected by sensors attached to the chest strap and converted into heart rate data. Chest strap tracking is ideal when training is a priority and the ultimate in accuracy and reliability is sought.

Heart rate and blood pressure smart watch is mainly through optical heart rate monitoring. Optical heart rate monitoring uses a technique called photoplethysmography, which involves shining light into the skin and measuring blood perfusion in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue by collecting the different amounts of light that are refracted by changes in blood flow. The main principle is to obtain the heartbeat data per minute by using the difference in the absorption and reflectivity of green light when the blood volume is systolic and diastolic.

2. The heart rate interface of the smartwatch can show the health status

When viewing the heart rate page for the first time, the small icon for the current heart rate will flash or be static. When flashing, it means that the smart watch's heart rate sensor is detecting your pulse in order to provide your current heart rate value. When the heart rate icon no longer flashes, the watch has locked your pulse and displays your current heart rate for 30 seconds before returning to the default home page.

These measured data are for reference only, and at the same time play a prompting role for the wearer's health. But not for medical purposes and for the diagnosis, monitoring, treatment or prevention of any disease or condition. Nowadays, it has become mainstream for people to monitor their own health by wearing a heart rate and blood pressure smart watch, and it will move towards a broader development space in the future.

At the same time, using accurate basic health data, researchers also conduct medical analysis and interpretation of the data, increasing the application and commercial value of partners' smart bracelets and other commercial products. Heart health problems are mostly asymptomatic, and sometimes people experience palpitations, fainting, difficulty breathing, chest pain, and atrial fibrillation increases the risk of heart failure, dementia, and stroke. The biosensing monitoring technology can monitor the health of the heart. Through continuous monitoring and analysis, the monitoring and early warning of various heart health problems including atrial fibrillation can be realized.

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