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What is a GPS tracker for furry friends?

May 29,2021


A GPS tracker for my cat, a funny idea? Not that much ! Bring your cat into the 21st century and equip it with GPS tracker for cats . Follow her movements at any time on your smartphone: so no more cold sweats when kitty does not come home at night or rounds in the neighborhood with a roll of tape in hand to put up posters.

Beyond these “emergency” cases, GPS trackers for cats also make it possible to finally satisfy their curiosity about the secret life of our cats but also to identify possible changes in behavior that could evoke the appearance of health problems. . A real tool, therefore useful, far from being a simple gadget.


There are different models of GPS tracker to track your furry friends, but be ware: Not all are created equal and are not necessarily suitable for all cat sizes, your use or your budget. Important detail in case you were wondering, these products are of course absolutely safe for cats . Before you decide, here is a quick overview of the different solutions for locating your cat that exist to date.

Why choose the GPS tracker?

The very idea of an object to trace and locate your cat can make you smile. But we'd do well to put that first impression aside, because GPS cat trackers are far from being gimmicks or bugs. On the contrary, they can be of great service to the user in many situations. In addition to allowing to better understand the daily habits of his animal, thanks to this device, we can keep informed about his overall state of health, be warned in case of runaways , and of course, we will be able to find him. wherever he is.

A GPS tracker to better understand your cat's territory

Cats, even domesticated, have the tenacious habit of exploring and appropriating the lands around their homes. The cat is a very territorial animal which marks, with the help of its claws and its urine, the different surfaces which crisscross its domain. By this means, he informs the possible other cats that they are here at his place and that in addition, this hunting ground is prohibited to them. The size of a cat's territory thus attests to its place in a system of domination that is naturally established with the other felines in the neighborhood. This territory is also in a way the witness of the physical form of the cat in question, since in order to be able to defend land, you have to be able to measure yourself against others.

Thanks to the use of a GPS tracker, you can clearly visualize the extent of the territory of your animal. Better still: since the smartphone applications of these devices are equipped with a history system and analysis tools, we can see the evolution of this territory day after day, week after week. This is a great way to find out if your pet is keeping fit or, conversely, if it is sick.


Cat running away: the GPS tracker is your best ally

It is normal for a cat to move away from the home regularly, especially to survey its territory. But these outings can be a great source of anxiety for the owner. If you live near a dangerous road , you may be afraid that he will be run over. We can also fear attacks from other animals or any accident. Finally, it happens, from time to time, that the cat does not come back and can spend long days and nights away from its home, which is always very trying for its owners.

Whatever the case, the GPS cat tracker will allow the user to regain his serenity. This accessory has the double advantage of being able to both prevent runaways and easily find the animal . Thanks to the establishment of virtual fences or the definition of dangerous zones, one can be warned when his cat leaves the garden or approaches too close to a prohibited place. We can then act directly and prevent our animal from moving too far away. If, moreover, the cat escaped our vigilance or went out at night without returning in the early morning, we could quite simply open the application of the GPS tracker to know its precise position in real time.


What are the features of a good GPS tracker?

GPS trackers offer a lot of useful features:


lGPS location to find your cat without distance limit in real time;

lThe history of explorations to better understand your cat's habits and know where to find him if he loses his tracker or your GPS breaks down;

lThe possibility of defining zones corresponding to your cat's habits,

lWaterproof (IP67 standard) so that the GPS tracker remains functional when your cat is splashed;

lVirtual anti-escape fences alerting you when the cat leaves a predefined area.

lThis is the whole point of GPS trackers: they allow you to trace your cat's comings and goings in the blink of an eye and can help him get out of a bad posture linked to his unpredictable behavior , or even save him a of his nine lives! Features such as monitoring its marauding area allow you to know if your cat is in good health or if it shows the first signs of a disease (related to age or to a parasite requiring dew or treatment for example a sudden reduction in its walking area or less frequent outings.

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