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What Are the Functions of Smart Watches for Kids

Jun 01,2021

Smart watch for kid, a new communication tool that integrates functions such as watches, calls, and positioning, has been popular among many young parents in recent years. At present, there are many brands of safe smart watch for kids with full functions. Next, the main functions of smart watch for kid on the market will be introduced.

1. The positioning function of smart watch for kid

At present, mainstream watches use American GPS, and some brands use China's Beidou positioning system. No matter which positioning system is used, the current positioning errors are not much different and basically accurate. However, this positioning system can only be used outdoors and cannot be used indoors. Therefore, some brands solve the problem of indoor positioning by combining positioning function with  parents' mobile phone WIFI function.

2. The call function of smart watch for kid

Generally, you need to buy a sim card and put it on your watch, and the sim card also needs to book the data flow function, which depends on the requirements of each brand. After binding the smart watch for kid account through the mobile phone APP, the user should set the address book of the watch so that the watch and the mobile phone can make a phone call to each other.

The watch generally has a built-in speaker with clear sound. When a child wears the watch, he can talk normally without making the watch close to his ear. In addition, after setting up the watch contact, unfamiliar calls will be rejected, which is also to prevent children from receiving unsafe calls.

3. The WeChat chat function of smart watch for kid

Nowadays, many smart watches for kids are very powerful. Kids and parents can also send voice and text messages through the watch and the mobile phone APP like what they usually do on WeChat, but the watch can only send voice messages instead of text messages.

4. The do-not-disturb function of smart watch for kid

Parents can set the do-not-disturb time period on the APP. When kids are in class, no matter who calls in, the sound will be silent, which can ensure that kids can concentrate on class.

5. The health monitoring function of smart watch for kid

Generally, there is an acceleration sensor on the watch, which can record the daily steps of the kid.

6. The one-click call for help function of smart watch for kid

When the kid encounters an emergency, he can press the call for help button. At this time, the watch will immediately call the emergency contact, and send a text message and APP notification to the parent to make sure the parent will receive the call as soon as possible, then the parent can check the latest position of the kid on the map of the APP.

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