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The Value of Smartwatch Audience Analysis and Audience Segmentation

Jun 08,2022

According to the forecast of smart watches, with the gradual rise of the global wearable device market, the shipment of wearable devices will continue to grow, and the compound annual growth rate in the next five years may reach 12.4%, and the market will not decrease.

1. Security smart watches meet the needs of different groups of people

Smartwatches were born as derivatives of smartphones at first, and now they have developed into an independent product line and developed a variety of products. Security smartwatches are feature-rich to meet the needs of different age groups. The main consumer groups of smart watches are roughly divided into three categories: adults, children and the elderly. Since consumers' demand for functions varies according to the purpose of use, the market provides a variety of product series for consumers to choose from.

Adult smartwatches cannot be generalized. Manufacturers develop the same product into a form suitable for business, sports, leisure and other scenarios according to different scenarios.

Children's smart watches focus on voice calls and safety, and are equipped with communication functions and positioning functions to facilitate parents to understand their children's whereabouts; for example, in daily life, we can grasp the traces of children's activities. These products are mainly made by some low-end manufacturers. 

Smartwatches for seniors keep abreast of seniors' activities and provide protection through senior-customized functions such as heart rate measurement, emergency rescue requests, fall detection, and medication alarm settings, as well as location tracking capabilities. This type of smartwatch is mainly used to monitor the daily life of the elderly. It mainly includes the daily behavior and movement trajectory of the elderly, and the purpose is to play a protective role for the elderly.

2. Features of adult safety smart watches

Adult smart watches mainly focus on sports and health functions, providing information about speed, heart rate measurement, etc., and can play music, take photos, and make mobile payments. Sports functions mainly include steps, mileage, cycling, running, diving and other functions.

Another main function of the security smart watch is the health monitoring function, which mainly includes health applications such as sleep, heart rate, ECG, blood oxygen, and breathing training. These functions are mainly to monitor the health of the human body and provide medical advice based on the monitored data. Now most manufacturers regard the health monitoring of smart watches as the main development direction. It is currently predictable that blood glucose monitoring technology will be applied to smart watches.

Although smartwatches are differentiated according to age, the focus of functions is different. But most products incorporate various features to meet the needs of a wide audience as much as possible. In short, smart watches are a blue ocean market with broad development prospects.

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