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Summary of Smart Children Watch Functions

May 26,2021

The market for smart watch kids can be described as a new blue ocean in the entire smartwatch market. From the perspective of shipment volume, number of brands, and market growth rate, it is showing a trend of rapid growth. However, rapid development has also brought about the problem of industrial supervision lagging behind industrial development, making the market for smart watch kids mixed, and functional applications and information security have failed to meet the core needs of users.

1. The voice intercom function of smart watch kids

The positioning function alone is not enough. Parents want to know what the child is doing and whether the child is safe, and they need to be able to interact with the child at any time, which can be realized by voice intercom. Through the phone APP intercom button, you can call out the intercom interface, which is similar to WeChat intercom. The voice message can be directly sent to the watch by pressing the button and speak, and children can read directly; in the same way, children can long press the voice button to send the voice message to the phone APP. The operation of smart watch kids is relatively simple.

2. The smart electronic fence function of smart watch kids

If parents are afraid that the young child goes far, they can set a certain distance range. Once the child leaves this area, the watch will send a warning message to the mobile phone to immediately inform the parent that the child is leaving.

3. The historical footprint query of smart watch kids

With kids tracker phone watch, parents can check the route the child has traveled within 90 days through the web page and mobile APP terminal. The intelligent animation playback effect let parents accurately know where the child has been and whether it is suitable for the child to be there.

4. One-key monitoring: with this function set, parents can get relevant information about the child's surrounding environment at any time and know what he is doing now. At the same time, this function also helps adults understand the child’s character and growth environment.

5. Multi-guardian setting: the general smart watch kids can be set with one or more guardians to prevent oversight when one of them is too busy.

6. Time setting: this function is equivalent to the function of an ordinary electronic watch. It is convenient for children to check the time anytime and anywhere.

7. SOS: when in danger, the child can activate the one-key SOS function of smart watch kids, and the watch will send out a SOS signal, then the phones of all contacts immediately ring an alarm, and there is almost no buffer time in between.

8. Electronic mosquito repellent: this is a special anti-mosquito bite function provided in summer, and it is a smart application for children's life experience.

9. Bluetooth reminder of watch falling off: when smart watch kids is removed from the hand, it will send an alarm message to the family number, indicating that the watch has been removed. This function is to prevent the watch from being removed forcefully by others and parents can not know the child's information in time .

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