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Smartwatches that rival medical grade blood pressure monitors

Jun 22,2021

Can a watch accurately measure heart rate, blood pressure, and electrocardiogram? Is the measurement data accurate? This is also an issue that everyone is very concerned about. First of all, we need to know that the biggest feature of the best healthcare smartwatch is to achieve medical-grade heart rate measurement on a wearable device.

1. About the heart rate of the best healthcare smartwatch:

The photoplethysmography sensor is already a very mature technology, as long as the "ergonomics" is considered more in the styling. The percent of contact area between the watch and the wrist should be noted and it is basically the same. The important thing is that through the photoplethysmographic sensor, we get the heart rate data and the PPG curve.

2. About the ECG of the best healthcare smartwatch:

Medically speaking, measuring the ECG of the best heart smart watch requires a current loop. When we measure the ECG, all kinds of wires are connected to the body, and the wires and the human body form a current loop. So how does the current loop of the  ECG measurement smart watch made by Shenzhen Umeox Innovations Co., Ltd form? We found that the test subjects pressed the first two fingers of their right hand on the watch, and that is the answer!

3. About the blood pressure of the best healthcare smartwatch:

Previously, heart rate, photoplethysmography, and the ECG of best heart smart watch have been realized, which also laid a solid foundation for blood pressure calculation. Yes, the calculation. Our blood pressure result is not measured by the device, but through calculation, that is, using electrocardiogram and pulse wave to measure blood pressure.

The speed of pulse wave transmission is directly related to blood pressure. When blood pressure is high, pulse wave transmission is fast, and vice versa. The pulse transmission time can be obtained through the ECG signal and the pulse wave signal, plus some conventional body parameters (such as height, weight), the pulse wave transmission speed can also be obtained, and then the blood pressure value can be calculated. Another point to be emphasized is that skin color will also have a great influence on the photoelectric sensor.

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