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Smart Watches for Kids Are About to Become a New Market Breakout

May 19,2021

For the children's market, Shenzhen Umeox Innovations Co., Ltd launched a smart watch for kid. With the help of this product, it redefines its role in children's accompany, growth and education, provides children users with a natural and friendly full intelligent voice interactive experience anytime and anywhere, and truly becomes a partner for children to grow up with.

1. Smart watch for kid will become the next hot product in children's market

With the deepening of artificial intelligence technology and the promotion of user popularity, voice interaction has gradually become a more important and independent interaction mode from the auxiliary or supplementary interaction mode in the past human-computer interaction. After the adult intelligent voice market, smart watch for kid will become the next hot product of voice interaction.

Compared with other groups, children aged 5-12 are more naturally used to using voice interaction. They are naturally curious and willing to take the initiative in voice interaction. Compared with words, they urgently need voice to express their views, acquire knowledge, and play/interact with videos. The best smartwatch for students is the rigid demand for children.

2. Smart watch for kid solves children's interactive pain points

Compared with adults, children have great differences in voice scales, speech patterns, understanding ability and use scenarios. However, more and more intelligent voice growth accompanying products in the market, including smart phones, children's watches, children's story machines and intelligent learning machines, still can not provide a good voice interaction experience for children.

In the view of Shenzhen Umeox Innovations Co., Ltd, the existing children's voice growth accompanying products in the market still haven't solved the key technical difficulty of children's AI voice interaction. For example, in the aspects of voice wake-up and recognition, there is no special model training for children's pronunciation characteristics, which leads to insensitive voice wake-up and inaccurate recognition; the technology of multi round dialogue is not perfect, which can not maintain children's interactive interest; the knowledge map is not perfect, voice skills do not support upgrading and so on, which can not provide enough extensive knowledge, games and interaction, and can not achieve the purpose of companion education; the information filtering function of adult AI voice assistant inherited directly is not perfect for it does not create high-quality content and interactive environment for children.

Smart watch for kid made by Shenzhen Umeox Innovations Co., Ltd aims at the industry pain points in the current children's watch market, such as the single function of AI voice assistant, the inaccurate GPS positioning, and the lack of third-party applications. Through mature AI voice solutions, it helps parents solve the problems of company, safety, education and so on in the process of children's growth.

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