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Smart watch: how does it work?

Jul 02,2021

We have arrived in the future. The one we imagined when we were little, with electronic gadgets everywhere in our daily life. Ok, in reality a connected watch is much more than a gadget.

Smartwatches can make your life easier and even improve your performance and even your health.

It's a bit like your smartphone, lighter and on your wrist, with more or less features.

The main uses of a connected watch

First thing to know, your connected watch pairs with your phone. It works in pairs with him, a bit like a relay on your wrist.

She also has her own life, with her own applications, which you are going to download.

So in practice, what does a connected watch do? Here's what you'll see typical smartwatch wearers do with:

The functionality of a connected watch

- receive SMS notifications and incoming calls

- follow his activity (steps, distance, etc-

- monitor his heart rate

- do your sports training

- choose your music

- analyze your sleep

- receive info alerts

How do you recognize a connected smartwatch?

It has even more features!

Some people defy techno outright by bringing in additional possibilities.

You can, with the right applications, open the door of your house just by arriving in front of your house or tell your friends where you are, remotely control your camera.

You can even make calls with the most advanced smartwatches!

How to choose your first connected watch

A smartwatch is Android and / or iOS compatible depending on the model. So the first thing to do is to verify that your connected watch accepts your type of smartphone so as not to find yourself blocked. That said, most models work with Apple and Android without a problem.

So after that, it's just a question of look?

Not so fast!

If you are athletic, you will really be able to have fun with your smartwatch. So be sure to choose one that can delight you with advanced sports functions, such as sports tracker, so with integrated GPS, or even automatic training recognition.

Another big advantage for athletes, no longer having to take your phone with you jogging for example. If this is one of your motivations, of course orient yourself towards a model that allows you to listen to music! We are for the song of birds also this said <3

If you have the soul of a businessman, it is rather the information / management functions that you will be able to explore, such as agenda, calls, reception of SMS. Also look at the autonomy, but that of connected watches is generally very good.

Today, connected watches have really found their place in the market, so unless you are wrong about Apple / Android compatibility or have skipped an essential feature like GPS if you are a runner, there is no more faux pas. Those who have tested generally don't want to go back, so we wish you a good new life in the future!

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