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Smart watch for sport are revolutionizing our sports sessions

Jun 19,2021

New technologies have revolutionized our daily lives in recent years, digital has revolutionized the way we consume but also our way of doing sport. The smart watch for sports plunged physical activity in a new era: that of sports connected . Bracelets, connected watches and even mobile applications have now become fully-fledged elements of physical activity.

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Smart watches: the symbol of the digitalization of sport

The watches connected to the sport have grown dramatically and have largely contributed to this digital revolution sports. The first connected watch for sports saw the light of day in 2003 by the sector giant Garmin, it was the Garmin Forerunner 101. Subsequently new models appeared by other professionals in the field (such as Microsoft in 2004 ).

From the start, these connected watches have been very successful and have continued to be improved. Today these gadgets are distinguished by their practicality. They are used to track your performance, plot running routes (GPS) or even monitor your physical form. The connected watch is even considered by some as a potential replacement for the sports coach.

According to a study on innovation in sport carried out by the Odoxa research institute, 19% of French people use a connected watch for their sport. The practical side of this gadget is clearly the most attractive argument, it avoids touching your phone to check the time or the stopwatch while jogging. But with the new watches, other equally attractive arguments have also emerged. This is the case with the “sports coach” side of certain connected watches. They allow you to monitor your performance and thus always optimize your sports sessions, some even offer exercises to be followed like a coach.

As you can see, connected watches have brought sport into a new era and have revolutionized our jogging. Tracking your fitness and results has never been so easy and convenient today, all with a watch on your wrist. To make your choice, discover our advice and how to choose your connected watch .

Mobile applications: the other ambassador of connected sport

The mobile applications for the sport are also significant factors of digitalization of the sport . They have multiplied in recent years by offering the possibility of following sessions with exercises already prepared and adapted to the need. They are sometimes complementary to watches and therefore also make it possible to monitor results and physical form.

It is a great alternative for those who do not want to leave their home but still want to play sports. It is indeed possible to follow a whole program prepared on the application and do your sports sessions at home whether you have equipment or not at all. For example, one of the best known is FizzUp which offers personalized programs according to need.

The great advantage of these apps is that they are mostly free. Which is a great thing for those who don't want to pay for a gym membership.

Connected sport concerns all sports

All sports are today concerned by connected sport . Connected objects have been used in all uses of sport regardless of the discipline. We have seen connected jerseys for football, connected rackets for tennis or even connected boxing gloves.

Connected objects are no longer only intended for customers wishing to improve their sports performance while making them more enjoyable, but they are aimed at all players in sport. Indeed, connected objects are inviting even among high-level athletes and within major sports clubs. These clubs are constantly looking for new solutions to always improve and be on top.

If the first uses of connected objects for sport only concerned runners and fitness, the situation is therefore quite different today. The IOT has become democratized in all sports practices and at all levels.

What future for fitness smartwatch?

If connected objects have become widely used in our daily lives and especially in our sports sessions, this trend should continue to intensify with the appearance of increasingly sophisticated gadgets. The era of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is giving IOT another dimension, including in sport. Indeed, all these technologies will continue to create and work on increasingly intelligent sensors in order to bring new information to users.

However, the increasing precision of the information provided by these connected objects is starting to raise some questions. With an increasing flow of data over the years, the issue of privacy is one of the obstacles of these gadgets. User data on these connected objects allows manufacturers to constantly optimize their products and adapt them as much as possible to different athlete profiles. But this implies perfect transparency on their part and should encourage them to inform users about the data they use.

The future challenge of connected objects is therefore to fully fit into a new dimension, that of increasingly intelligent technologies. The other challenge is knowing how to cope with the flow of information and data circulating between users and manufacturers and thus not lead to over-optimization.

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