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Reasons Why Kid Smartwatches Are Growing in Popularity

Jan 03,2022

With the rapid development of children's products, the traditional children's phone and watch products are also rapidly changing from improved to original. Kid smartwatches can allow parents to know the location of their children anytime and anywhere through mobile phones and computers, so that babies can grow up healthily and happily.

1. The design of kid smartwatches

Combined with the design features of existing products, designers carry out design innovations from the aspects of appearance design, structural design, color matching, material selection, human-machine operation and experience, etc., grasping children's psychology, from the perspective of children, integrating animation, cartoon elements, so that kid smartwatches have the characteristics of excellent aesthetics, strong practicability and high cost performance, and use cartoon characters to win children's favor.

The appearance design is novel and unique, using different cartoon characters and shapes to meet the children's favorite. There is a small display screen on the dial, you can check the time. There are two different buttons on the left side of the children's smart watch, one is used for charging, one is used to hold the card, and the charging port is blocked by silicone material to avoid the entry of dust and ensure the service life of the smart watch.

2. Kid smartwatches are easy to use

The kid smartwatches is very simple to use, and children can master it proficiently. The material of the strap is very soft, and it is made of food-grade TPE material, which is very comfortable to wear. The storage space is large, and there will be no stuck phenomenon, small size, easy to carry.

3. The function of kid smartwatches

On the basis of the original call, check time, and intelligent voice interaction, the children's smart watch also adds the function of positioning. It uses the dual positioning of GPS and LBS base stations to provide a safe area function design. Parents can set the area location and use intelligent positioning as the The center, delineates the scope of children's activities. Once the children step out of this safe area, parents will receive reminders, real-time monitoring, and intelligent reminders to ensure the safety of children; children's smart watches also have waterproof functions, two-way calls, safety fences, and track query, intelligent step counting, one-key help, call firewall, intelligent power saving, remote shutdown and other features.

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