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SW7 Plus Smart Watch

SW7 Plus UMEOX SW7 Plus Smart Watch

Your Personal Smart Fitness

and Health Steward

SW7 Plus Smart Watch Delicate Design
SW7 Plus Smart Watch Delicate Design
Delicate Design

The 1.3-inch colourful screen of our waterproof fitness tracker shows high image quality. Delicacy appearance is featured with a sense of fashion and elegance. The attentive design gives you a comfortable wear experience. Moreover, the detachable wristband of the waterproof fitness watch can let you have more choices.

SW7 Plus Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitoring
SW7 Plus Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitoring
Heart Rate Monitoring

SW7 Plus Smart Watch provides precision 24 hours dynamic heart rate monitoring with word-class heart rate sensor and LEDs. Warnings will be provided when your heart rate is abnormally elevated. Then you can be notified of the abnormal condition of your body through a vibrating alert. Our IP67 waterproof smart band will also pay attention to your heart health in time.

SW7 Plus Smart Watch SpO2 Measurement
SW7 Plus Smart Watch SpO2 Measurement
SpO2 Measurement

SpO2 is a key indicator of our health. 

SW7 Plus waterproof smart fitness tracker watch can provide you with SpO2 measurement so that you can check your SpO2 through this function anytime conveniently when engage in some hard work, indoor or outdoor exercises to keep track of your health and understand your condition.

SW7 Plus Smart Watch Sleep Monitoring
SW7 Plus Smart Watch Sleep Monitoring
Sleep Monitoring

Getting a suitable amount of sleep is much important for our health. Combining accelerometer sensor with dynamic heart rate sensor, SW7 Plus smart waterproof health watch features a 24-hour precision sleep monitoring function, which can accurately monitor the sleep stage (the light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep), track the waking up time and insomnia, and also provides quality analysis and suggestions for improvement based on a night of sleep.

SW7 Plus Smart Watch Fitness Monitoring
SW7 Plus Smart Watch Fitness Monitoring
Fitness Monitoring

With 10 built-in sports modes, SW7 waterproof fitness smartwatch gives a real-time tracking and analysis of your workouts. Choose a workout mode as you like, and set a goal, then start! After finishing the workout, the app will provide you with a clear analysis of this time workout, then you can improve your plan accordingly. It also provides a record of your daily activity (Steps, Distance, Calories) and let you have a detailed knowledge of your daily life.

SW7 Plus Smart Watch Long Battery Life
Long Battery Life

SW7 Plus is equipped with a built-in rechargeable 250mAh lithium battery which can last up to 7 days of typical usage and 30 days of basic usage, in concert with the high-performance and power-saving chip. The magnetic charger of this waterproof smart watch fitness tracker can give you a more convenient charging experience.

SW7 Plus Smart Watch Bluetooth Connection
Bluetooth Connection

Through the built-in Bluetooth, SW7 Plus Smart Watch can be connected with the customized app on your phone. You can easily have a glance at your workouts status, fitness goals, health indicators. Meanwhile, you can receive the message notifications of your phone anytime, anywhere, like phone calls, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, etc and don't need to worry about missing your messages anymore.

SW7 Plus Smart Watch Personalized UI
Personalized UI

SW7 Plus provides personalized UI design for your special need, as well as optional watch faces.

SW7 Plus Smart Watch In Control With Customized App
In Control With Customized App

SW7 Plus can be connected to the customized app and synchronize data in real-time. The modular design of data-display also gives you the choice to customize your own page to show the key data. Through the app and customized fitness & health data management, 24-hour comprehensive data tracking and analysis, as well as some other device info can be displayed to you clearly in time. Then you can have control of your health condition. It also integrates a module of GPS movement, from which the route of your movement can be recorded by the GPS on your phone, as well as data from the third-party app so that a complete view of fitness & health can be checked conveniently just from one app.

SW7 Plus Smart Watch More to Explore
More to Explore

SW7 Plus can handle your daily agenda proficiently, giving you a sedentary reminder and turn wrist detection, tracking your daily activities (steps, distance, calories), providing you with alarm setting, weather info, stopwatch, find phone, countdown, etc.

SW7 Plus Smart Watch
SW7 Plus
UMEOX SW7 Plus Smart Watch
  • CPU
  • Display
    1.3 inch TFT 240 240 Resolution
  • SIM
    Nano Sim
  • Buttons
    One button
  • Size
  • Sensor
    G-sensor/Heart rate
    sensor/Spo2 Sensor
  • Memory
    Ram 64k + Rom 128M
  • Battery
  • Water Resistant
  • Color
  • Weight
  • Connectivity
    Bluetooth 4.2

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