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Maxcares Mate 2

Accurate ECG · SpO2 · Temperature · Dynamic · Heart Rate
Precise ECG Detection
Heart Rate Monitoring Detection
SpO2 Measurement& Sleep Apnea Prevention
Accurate Skin Temperature Measurement
Sleep Monitoring
Fitness Tracking
Bluetooth Connection
Personalized Watch Faces
Long Battery Life
Vivid, lightweight,
Delicate But Solid
The high-density and bright OGS screen with 1.32 inch 360*360 high resolution display gives you a clearer, colorful view and smooth touch experience.

Adopting updated thinner and short-focus Fresnel lens on the design of back cover makes the watch adhere to skin more closely to get you comfortable wearing experience and accurate fitness and health data monitoring.
Aluminum alloy bezel and aluminum alloy case, together with the stainless steel button, polished by sophisticated workmanship make the watch lightweight but solid, wear-resistant and anti-scratch with an ultra slim body.
High-quality leather strap with stainless steel strap buckle features another styllish look, and flexible wearing experience. Detachable design of the strap lets you have more choices to experess your own style.
Precise ECG Detection
Maxcares Mate 2 adopts word-class MAX86176 sensor with
AFE to collect precise ECG data, which can reach FDA standard.
Put your finger on the electrode slice of the watch, the electrodes in the side and the back of the watch can detect the electrical signals of your heart and form a signal circuit. Then an ECG waveform can be generated in just 30 seconds. The app with ECG module can indicate whether your heart rhythm shows signs of atrial fibrillation, a serious form of irregular heart rhythm; or sinus rhythm, which means your heart is beating normally. Then you get a clear knowledge of your heart status.
Dynamic Heart Rate Monitoring
Maxcares Mate 2 provides precision 24 hours dynamic heart rate monitoring with word-class heart rate sensor OSRAM SFH2201 and G-sensor STK8321 no matter when you are working, exercising or sleeping.

Warnings will be provided when your heart rate is abnormally elevated. Then you can be notified of the abnormal condition of your body through a vibrating alert and pay attention to your heart health in time.
SpO2 Measurement and
Sleep Apnea Prevention
SpO2 is a key indicator of our health. Maxcares Mate 2 provides you with precise SpO2 measurement with high-performance OSRAM SFH2201, so that you can check your real-time blood oxygen through this function anytime conveniently when engage in some hard work, indoor or outdoor exercises to keep track of your health and understand your condition.
When sleep apnea occurs during your sleeping time, the watch will detect
the abnormal SpO2 Data and send out vibrating alert to notify you.
*The measurement data can compete with Huawei Watch GT2 and Apple Watch.
Accurate Skin Temperature
Abnormal temperature of your body always shows a signal of illness. Especially under current serious condition of Covid-19 raging around the world, skin temperature becomes a daily health indicator.
Using high-precision, low power-consumption, small-size MAX30208 digital temperature sensor, Maxcares Mate 2 can automatically monitor skin temperature in 24 hours and gives you pre-symptomatic detection.
Sleep Monitoring
Getting a suitable amount of sleep is much important for our health. Combining accelerometer sensor SITRONIX STK8321 with accurate dynamic heart rate sensor OSRAM SFH2201, Maxcares Mate 2 features a 24-hour precision sleep monitoring function, which can accurately monitor the sleep stage (the light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep), track the waking up time and insomnia through your heart rate and breathing, and also provide quality analysis and suggestions for improvement based on a night of sleep.
Fitness Tracking
With 10 built-in sports modes, Maxcares Mate gives a real-time tracking and analysis of your workouts. Choose a workout mode as you like, and set a goal, then start! After finishing the workout, the app will provide you with a clear analysis of this time workout, then you can improve your plan accordingly. It also provides a record of your daily activities(Steps, Distance, Calories) and let you have a detailed knowledge of your daily life.
Personalized Watch Faces
Provides various kinds of watch faces for you to decorate your own style.
Bluetooth Connection
Through the built-in bluetooth, Maxcares Mate can be connected with the customized app on your phone. You can easily have a glance of your workouts status, fitness goals, health indicators.
Meanwhile, you can receive the message notifications of your phone anytime, anywhere, like phone calls, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, wechat, etc. and don't need to worry about missing your messages anymore.
IP68 Water Resistant
IP68 Water Resistant design protects the watch from splash and dust efficiently to ensure a much longer using time and more freedom with wearing this watch.
Long Battery Life
Lift Your Wrist,
It's All in Front of Your Eyes
Maxcares Mate 2 can handle your daily agenda proficiently, giving you sedentary reminder, turn wrist detection, tracking your daily activities(steps, distance, calories), providing you with alarm setting, weather info, stopwatch, findphone, countdown, etc.
Size Weight Water Resistant
46.8*46.8*16.15mm (including heart rate sensor) 45g IP68
Display Watch Frame Electrode Slice
1.32 inch IPS360*360 Resolution Aluminum alloy Yes
Strap Battery Buttons
Leather Battery capacity: 300mAH Charging mode: Magnetic Charging Battery life: up to 7 days in typical usage/ up to 30 days in basic usage Rated output: 5V or above 2 buttons
Memory CPU Color
Ram 256K + Rom 1M With extended 128MB FLASH GR5515 Black Frame with Black Starp Titanium Gray Frame with Brown Strap
Connectivity Sensor
Bluetooth 5.1 G-sensor/Heart Rate Sensor/SpO2 Sensor/ECG Sensor/Temperature Sensor/Blood Pressure Sensor/Vibration Motor

*All data in the foregoing pages are theoretical values obtained by UMEOX Labs through tests carried out under particular conditions. Actual data may vary owing to differences in individual products, software versions, application conditions, and environmental factors. All data is subjected to actual usage.

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