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Points to Note when Wearing Children's Smartwatches

Jul 08,2021

1. Pay attention to waterproofing when wearing smart watches of kids

Try not to get smart watches of  kids wet. And only when the waterproof mark reaches 100 meters can it be put into the water to prevent water from entering. Real diving watches often require a waterproof depth of more than 200 meters.

2. Please pay attention to dust and dirt when wearing smart watch of kids

Prolonged exposure to dust-intensive areas will naturally cause dust leaking into the gaps in the smart watch of kids case. The dust will make the watch oil of the movement to dry up faster. This is undoubtedly a bad thing for the movement. Of course, there are not many opportunities for long-term high-density exposure to dust in daily life, but it is still quite useful to put a cloth to wipe the watch case appropriately.

When eating or playing in other places, it is easy to be stained with oil or other dirty things, so it needs to be cleaned with vinegar and a small amount of detergent every other week. In order to make the cleaning effect better, you can gently brush and then wipe it with a dry towel, and the cleaning is complete.

3. Pay attention to shocks when wearing smart watch of kids

The movement is actually quite "fragile", especially when it encounters an instant violent vibration. Many children often wear safety smart wrist watches to participate in strenuous exercise. Although this is not a problem for children's human bones, it is indeed a big impact for children's smart watches worn on the wrist.

4. Prevent wear and tear when wearing smart watch of kids

Whether it is an all-steel or precious metal case, there is always a problem of wear. Even the daily natural wear and tear of the buckle and the desktop will cause the unsightly patterns on the buckle of the safety smart watch. For this reason, proper care not to let the case and bracelet participate in unnecessary wear and tear is also required to make children's smart watches "look new".

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