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Umeox is a national high-tech and innovative enterprise of software, hardware, service integrated Solution. It develops and produces intelligent terminals which are based on IOT and AI technology, as well as providing operators and vendors around the world with one-stop solution services, including hardware manufacturing, software development, location management, AI interaction, health care, and intelligent data management cloud platform.


Based on strong R&D ability and professional service, UMEOX always adheres to high-quality strategy, keeps up with hot market demand and trend, constantly explores cutting-edge technology of scientific and technological innovation, closely combines humanistic care, and continuously provides customers with high-quality and cost-effective customized products and full turnkey solutions.

Core Team
Umeox Iot And Ai Core Team SEO Jack Shao
Jack Shao
Founder / CEO

Tsinghua MBA. He is an experienced business leader who has a deep understanding of the communications industry. He made great contributions to the China-made go to the world. With more than 20 years of experience in the consumer electronics and communications fields. His vision and leadership spearhead the way forward for the UMEOX team.

Team Members
Umeox Iot And Ai Alan Zheng
Alan Zheng
Co-Founder / Operating VP

Alan's expertise in integrating technologies into businesses and systems was honed over 15 years of experience at tech giants such as Lenovo and Philips.

He ensures that we meet our production timeline and targets.

Umeox Iot And Ai E Wang
E Wang
Co-Founder / VP / BD

He graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology and has 10 years of experience in the mobile communications and travel industry.

Umeox Iot And Ai Laurent
Co-Founder / Global brand VP

French. Former Chief Product Planner at Philips Mobile. Now he is focusing on the international market for wearable industry.

Umeox Iot And Ai Tao Jiang
Tao Jiang
Co-Founder / BMS Director

10 years of research and development experience on Internet communication and wearable products. He has served as Founder computer system architects and senior development engineers.

Umeox Iot And Ai Yueqing Chen
Yueqing Chen
Co-Founder / Technical VP

Focusing on the development of smart wearable devices, has participated in and completed the management of several large and medium-sized technology development projects, and has 10 years of experience in the communications industry.

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