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Kids Smart Watch: a Good Partner for Kids Growing Up

Dec 08,2021

Kids smart watches are already widely used among children. With the continuous development of smart technology, the upgrade of smart watches performance and functions is also a general trend. In the face of fierce competition in the market, only by keeping enriching product functions and making kids watches more intelligent can the needs of children be met. While insisting on the two core functions of calling and positioning, kids smart watches incorporate more functions that meet the needs of children's growth in the product, so as to bring children better protection and care.

1. Kids smart watches have massive content resources, making leisure time more fun

Although a smartwatch for the kid is a good tool to guarantee children's safety, the previous products pay more attention to communication, the function is very single, and it is uncomfortable to wear, causing parents to be dissatisfied with kids smart watches. In order to solve this problem, kids smart watches first made breakthroughs in terms of function.

Kids smart watches are equipped with massive learning resources, entertainment content, stories, nursery rhymes, popular science knowledge, English, arithmetic, and Chinese learning, and other content that are helpful to growth, making children's leisure time more interesting and diverse. At the same time, it also supports a variety of dynamic dials to change at will. It is not limited to a single pattern and is more playable so that children can't put it down. In terms of design, it uses FDA-certified edible-grade silicone strap material, which won't be allergic to wear for a long time, protecting children's delicate skin.

2. Kids smart watches have multi-channel interaction, in company with kids all the time.

Like adults, children also have their own social needs. In this case, a smart watch for kid fully takes into account the children's social needs and age characteristics, and launch the social Snapchat function. Children who wear kids smart watches only need to shake their watches to add friends. They can not only send voice messages but also share photos.

Meanwhile, the kids smart watch has also designed a function for family group chat, so that the elders in the family can share the child's growth. No matter where you are, you can get to know the child's real-time information at any time, and accompany by their side.

3. Kids smart watches keep parents in contact with their children all the time.

Parents care for their children all the time. Sometimes they want to listen to the children's voices, want to see if they are safe, and even want to listen to the teacher's teaching content. The remote listening and environment viewing functions in kids smart watches can quickly realize the needs of parents. Parents can use these two functions to awaken the microphone and camera from the APP and keep following children and environmental conditions anytime and anywhere.

Kids smart watches also use high-definition cameras. Compared with most kids watches on the market with a camera of about 300,000 pixels, kids smart watches not only allow children to take more vivid photos, but also allow parents to view their children's surrounding environment through the camera function. The time horizon is clearer and more accurate, and no details will be missed. In terms of caring for the growth of children, Umeox not only invests a lot of energy in research and development, but also establishes cooperative relationships with many content providers. We are committed to providing more education and entertainment resources for children's growth and being a good partner for kids.

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