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Innovation Design on Kids Smartwatch

Dec 22,2021

With the rapid development of children's products, traditional kids watch products have also rapidly changed from an improved type to an original type. Kids smartwatches have begun to be popular and attract consumers' attention. The segmented market is also more detailed. There are more and more products for sports and children. How to embody the people-oriented principle in the design of kids watch products has gradually become the focus.

1. Development of the kids smartwatch

The popular kids smartwatch has become the new favorite of parents and children, and it has attracted more and more attention. Kids smartwatch is a smartwatch that integrates positioning and call functions and is regarded as an auxiliary artifact for child monitoring. Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice that students cannot bring mobile phones into schools, once again making the kids smartwatch popular in the field of wearable devices.

The watch has simple functions, namely positioning, communication, pedometer, electronic fence, monitoring of ECG, and exercise volume, etc., and also supports functions like intelligent voice interaction, adding friends by shaking and touching watches, which can basically meet the needs of contemporary people. The current biggest competition is about the design and user experience.

2. Design of the kids smartwatch

The design of kids smartwatch needs to be very cute and simple in appearance, and the color selection must fully choose the beautiful candy color that children like, so that children are willing to wear it every day. There are still many details that need to be improved in use, such as interface design, camera, button to capture photos, capacity, storage, freeze, function, etc. These details can affect the reputation of kids smartwatches and thus affect sales.

The size of kids smartwatches is small. Within such a small space, the internal structure need to be arranged well so that all components can be stacked in a reasonable space. There is also the choice of materials, whether it is comfortable, whether the strap can be replaced, and whether the overall is light and cute.

Improve children's product design to continuously increase user satisfaction, focus on user experience, and optimize design with functional emotions as a breakthrough. We should not only pay attention to the functional experience of the best smartwatch for kids, but also pay more attention to the actual experience of children in the use of the product.

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