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In the Era of Artificial Intelligence, Beautiful Intelligent Voice Translator Makes Life More Wonderful

Sep 15,2021

With the advancement of life and technology, people have higher demands for the quality of life. While we are seeing the beauty of the world, it is accompanied by problems such as language barriers and communication difficulties. The emergence of smart speech translators perfectly solves this problem. This is the convenience brought to our lives by technological development.

Umeox is a comprehensive high-tech production enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of  smartwatch children, smart speech translators, smart safety locators, and sports and health smart watches. The company has one of the most useful smart speech translators. Here is an explanation of the major selling points of smart voice translators.

1. Intelligent voice translation supports online translation between more than 80 languages

Most translators currently on the market have problems that there are few translation languages and inconvenience to carry. 

Umeox portable smart speech  translator has a stylish, compact and portable design that is more user-friendly. 

There are many languages, fast recognition and more accurate translation!

2. Scene recognition function of smart speech translatiors

Multiple translation engines are used to identify dialogues in different scenarios, and can provide corresponding translation results according to the language environment of the scene, without worrying about inaccurate translations. 

High-precision speech recognition and fast response translation, loudspeaker decibel rate, automatic filtering of environmental sounds, even if the surrounding noise is loud.

3. Detailed display function of smart speech translatior

Fashionable and slim, with a variety of choices, it is natural, beautiful and portable, smaller than a mobile phone, and convenient no matter where it is placed.

4. Smart speech translatior, continuous translation, long standby

Whether studying at home or traveling, a smart speech translator brings us more than just an intuitive narration, and contributes to a better life for us.

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