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How to Set Up Kids Smart Watch

Apr 29,2021

Smart watches are no longer fashionable gadgets. The device will be useful for both children and parents. We will describe how to set up smart watches for your kids and make the most of them. All settings are made using the parents' smart phones. The process consists of two simple steps: Connect smart watch to phone and use the app to set up smart watch.

How to Connect Smartwatch to Phone

You should complete the following steps to connect kids cell phone watches to your phone:

  1. Download the application and install it on the parent's mobile phone. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.


2. Start the installed application. Generally, these applications need to register. Then register in the app and access the interface.


3. Find the option to add gadgets, and then select GPS tracking children's watch in it. Just click to connect. The app may need to enter the ID of the watch. Then, enter the ID.

After connecting, the watch will synchronize the date and time set on the phone. The user will have access to the watch's settings. In particular, some watch models can only be disconnected from native apps.


Set Up the Smart Watch in the App

After connecting the Umeox good smartwatch for kids to the "Wherecom" app, you can define a geographic area (or so-called geo-fences) for your child, set up the phone book, save the SOS number and adjust the interface settings (optional).


You can highlight a safe-zone for children on this kids safe smart watch. For example, schools, homes, chess workshops, music schools, dance schools, etc.


The app will notify parents about the following events: input location, departure place, low power.

What to Do If the Watch Can't Be Connected

1.Restart the gadget

Sometimes you need to restart your watch. If the device does not work properly, you must do so.

2.Turn off the watch

If the watch does not have a restart option, turn it off and then turn on again. Turn off the power of the watch to save battery.

3.The watch can be easily turned off and restarted through the "Wherecom" application.

4.Reset to factory settings

If you have tried your best to solve the persistent problem of the watch, resetting to factory settings is the last and only option.

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