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How to Maintain the Kids Smart Watch

Sep 08,2021

(1) The light-colored watchband is easy to get dirty after being in contact with sweat stains, rubbing against the tabletop or dark clothing. Please be careful to avoid it when using it.

kids smart watch straps will come in contact with the skin, and sweat and dust can easily accumulate on the watch. Therefore, you can regularly wipe the straps with alcohol-dipped paper towels or soft cloths to keep the watch clean.

(2) Disconnect the kids smart watch and the charger before cleaning

Do not wipe the watch screen directly with alcohol. After cleaning, be sure to wipe the watch thoroughly with a dry cloth or dry paper towel to prevent residual water vapor from condensing inside the watch and causing damage to the watch.

(3) Be sure to keep the charging interface clean and dry when wearing kids smart watches daily.

In addition, consumers can also regularly use a brush or cotton cloth dipped in alcohol to clean the metal contacts of the watch charging port and the charging base,in order to prevent the charging port from being dirty, corroded and causing poor charging.

(4) When wearing a kids smart watch, pay attention to keep the periphery of the SIM card slot clean and dry.

If you want to open the kids smart watch SIM card cover, be sure to operate when the rear case is dry, prevent the remaining water into the card slot, causing damage to the watch. 

If you need to install or replace the SIM , you must operate it in the off state, and be careful not to touch the metal sheet in the card slot with sharp objects to prevent damage to the metal sheet.

The above is the beautiful innovation to introduce how to maintain and care for children's smart watches, I hope it will be helpful to you!

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