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How to improve the autonomy of your smart watch

May 29,2021


You've finally fallen for a connected watch and you love your new toy so much that, despite the promised autonomy at the start of several days, the battery of your smartwatch starts to show signs of fatigue before the end of the day. So to avoid falling flat before you go home to charge it, find out how to improve the autonomy of your smartwatch .


Configure your notifications

Your smartwatch, and this is the point of its interest, alerts you as soon as you receive a notification on your phone. With each notification, your watch turns on and vibrates , which of course consumes battery. So it is obvious that you are not going to delete all your notifications, but by configuring the ones that seem essential to you, your should gain a little endurance. For example, do you really need to be notified whenever your coworker Kevin posts a new photo of his cat, Roxy, on Facebook? Is it really necessary for your watch to notify you of a call while your smartphone is placed in front of your eyes on your desk.


Switch to silent mode

Another method so as not to be constantly disturbed by too many notifications, switching to silent or cinema mode in Android Wear. In silent mode, your watch will no longer vibrate as soon as you receive an email or message from your social networks.


Turn off the Wi-Fi

If your smartwatch has Wi-Fi connectivity , remember to turn it off when you don't need it, otherwise your watch may constantly search for a network to connect, wasting power unnecessarily. The same goes for GPS or NFC connectivity which, if your watch is equipped with it, will have to be disabled when you are not using them.


Adjust the brightness

The screen of your smartwatch consumes a lot of energy, which is why prefer manual management rather than automatic brightness. Indeed, in automatic mode, your watch will regularly call on the current light sensor , which will once again affect the battery life. Preferably set the brightness to the minimum and increase it only when necessary.


Turn off the dial

On some smartwatches, the dial activates automatically as soon as the user lifts their arm. If this feature can be useful, especially to check that you are not late for work, you can deactivate it once you arrive at the office or before meetings during which your arms may be used to explain your Powers. Point thus accidentally activating your dial.


Choose your watch face carefully

Like on your smartphone, you can change the appearance of your watch using Watchfaces  . Some include interactive functions, animations, flashy colors , which will once again have a great influence on the autonomy of your watch. Instead, prefer sober dials that consume less energy.




In summary, to improve the battery life of your smartwatch and save precious hours of use, you will be able to:


Configure your notifications

Switch to silent mode

Turn off Wi-Fi

Adjust the brightness

Deactivate your dial

Choose the look of your dial


And you, do you have any other tips to save the battery of your smart watch?

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