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How to correctly interpret the health data of your smart watch?

May 24,2021


At the same time practical, aesthetic and ergonomic, the smart watch and its multiple options make it possible to simplify the daily life of its owner. Depending on which one you choose, you will have access to a lot of useful information concerning your physical activity, your sleep pattern, the number of calories consumed ... But here, in this flood of proposed innovations, how to isolate only the essential data? This can be difficult, especially when the user chooses to link their watch to their smartphone.

Indeed, this maneuver, although practical to facilitate access to his mobile phone, even more multiplies the amount of information available to us immediately. SMS, playlist, calendar, of course not counting the time: it was easy to miss the more specific functions that are hidden behind the more traditional ones. So discover with us how to tame the little gem of technology proudly enthroned on your wrist.

A multi-faceted technological gem

The very principle of the smart watch is to be able to have direct access to information that will help you achieve your goals . These can be sporty but also more regular in order to be able to motivate you to improve your hygiene of life. Indeed, it is not essential for a person wishing to go for a walk to consult his heart rate or his top speed. On the other hand, the pedometer and distance traveled functions are much more popular and just as accessible. Sports coach, nutritionist or personal development guide… The roles that your accessory can take on are multiple!

Do not hesitate to be curious and to launch each function at least once in order to realize their potential. This advice is particularly valid for users who want to improve their physical condition drastically but do not yet have a lot of experience in the field. You might be surprised to find that your sleep pattern or high blood pressure is working against you. With your smartwatch, learn to rediscover your body and take care of it.

Your progress immortalized and viewable at any time

Like diaries, inexpensive sports smartwatches  gain interest as time goes on and when used regularly. Day after day, when you use the functions of your choice, your performance and most of your activities are preserved. They are then studied using an algorithm so that it creates a progression curve and can indicate the optimal process to improve yourself. Our advice is not to pay too much attention to the attractiveness of statistics, at least during the first few weeks of your training.

The most important thing is to improve or stabilize, not to start with a performance that will impress those around you. This is the best way to lock yourself into a bad routine where you will feel pressured to push the limits of what is reasonable. Only regression and self-blame await you. On the contrary, prefer to start using your smartwatch in training sessions where you perform at your level. You will be sure to have an effective follow-up comparable to that of a trainer.

Learn to decipher visual data

Depending on the model in your possession, you will come across different interfaces emphasizing specific visual cues. It will probably take a little getting used to at first to get used to it. Don't panic, however, everything has been studied so that the handling remains intuitive even for beginners. Due to the small screen size, you won't find long texts describing the usefulness of each setting. However, each subtlety is summed up by keywords that give you the gist of the information. In addition, most watches have, like smartphones, a menu where all the installed functions are listed.

They are most often represented by icons revealing their usefulness . Thanks to the tactile navigation which allows you to get straight to the point, access to recent statistics is possible without having to make any manipulation. Finally, important figures are cleverly highlighted with color codes or size variations. The user can prioritize at first glance. Documenting your performance has never been so easy!

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