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How to choose your Smart Watch with GPS?

May 24,2021


From running to cycling, through swimming in the open sea or even golf, the GPS smart watch is fitted to all wrists! A personal sports coach, it has become the ally of choice for sports fans to monitor their progress or boost their performance . There are many models, ranging from entry-level to the most hi-tech watches . How to choose ? Which feature is really useful? Let's take stock together: everyone has their own practice, everyone has their own level, everyone has their own watch.


What is a sports smart watch?

The GPS smart sports watch collects a maximum of data during your physical activities to allow you to better understand your training and improve your performance. Originally, they were aimed particularly at long-distance runners, measuring distance covered, time of effort, average speed and sometimes heart rate. With these few data, it was possible to estimate the intensity of his sports session, and to compare it to previous ones.


Since then, a multitude of features have been added including GPS, number of calories burned, altimeter, VO2 max, compass… Some even analyze the quality of your sleep! In addition, it is now possible to organize your next workouts, either by programming an itinerary or by choosing an exercise (interval training for example) and following the instructions of the smart watch . Finally, the analysis of the data, which can be recorded and transferred to your PC, offers an overview of your training, your progress and your goals.


Multi-sport modes GPS smart watches

For the amateur athlete, an entry-level watch displaying the main data of time, distance and speed is usually sufficient. On the one hand, its use is easy, with few menus and complex data. On the other hand, it allows you to integrate data analysis into your sports routine in order to move from a simple leisure activity to a real training with objective.


The Maxcares Mate smart watches combine a variety of features including the most used in most sports. With the push of a button, you should be able to change the type of sport without stopping. Depending on the activity chosen, the collection of specific data then begins (altitude for skiing or mountaineering, pedaling rate on a bicycle, analysis of movements for swimming, etc.). On the other hand, if you are an enthusiast, it is better to turn to a dedicated sports watch. It will offer specific programs to improve your performance.


Hiking, running, trail: suitable GPS smart watches

Outdoor watches include the basic trio (distance, speed, time), to which are added some details. For running, we rely on other indicators such as heart rate as well as maximum heart rate. We also analyze the number of calories burned, the number of steps, or an estimate of the VO2max. The programming of a workout is also a plus, and allows you to vary the exercises.

For a watch more geared towards hiking or trail running, the ABC function (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass) will prove useful to better understand its environment and orient yourself. Some models directly display the maps or the route layout.

24-hour fitness  :

Worn on the wrist, the  smart watch analyzes your physical activity day and night. It can be used for example as a pedometer, outside of your sports sessions. At night, it can analyze the rhythm of your sleep cycles and deduce the quality of rest.



The smartwatch, that is to say the Maxcares Mate, automatically synchronizes your data with your PC and your smartphone. It also receives your calls, emails and SMS.


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