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How to choose your Smart Watch for running?

May 24,2021


Running to the sensation is awesome! But when you start to want to follow your statistics in order to progress, the smart watch (or sport watch) will become our new essential. There are many models of smartwatches out there, and making a choice can be tricky. Ready to discover the different features? Top chrono: we help you choose your smart watch for running!


The essential features of your watch

For running, all smart watches, from the most basic to the most sophisticated, offer you essential functions. They are first of all: the distance you cover and the stopwatch . The watches are equipped with a GPS and one or more connections to satellites, for better precision. Also, the stopwatch allows you to know the average pace you have maintained on your outing, by calculating the chrono / distance ratio.


Speaking of pace, real-time pace (in km / hour or in minutes / km) lets you know live how fast you are running. It's time to pick up the pace.


By accelerating, the heart beats faster! There are two ways to find out your heart rate with smartwatches. You can use an HR belt that is positioned on the chest and pairs with the watch (by ANT / ANT + / Bluetooth connection). In recent years, watches have been fitted with heart rate sensors directly on the back of the case (we will say “ wrist cardio watch ”). These sensors allow you to free yourself from the belt, but are generally less precise than these. The number of calories expended during your running session is calculated in particular thanks to the variations in your heart rate.

Features that help you progress

As a real companion, even a running coach, some smart watches have features that will help you progress. And what better than a good session split ? You can schedule your sessions directly on the watch, choosing distance or interval time, as well as recovery between intervals. For more complex pyramid-type sessions or with different blocks, you can program them upstream on the application.


The most advanced watches have sensors that study statistics called running dynamics . The “running dynamics” are mainly linked to the stride: the number of strides per minute, the vertical oscillation, the time of contact with the ground… These data can be calculated more precisely by pairing the watch with a footpod (a sensor that the 'we put on the shoe).


Daily activity tracking on your watch

On a daily basis, almost all smartwatches have features related to tracking your activity. And yes, wear it all day long! You will have information related to the number of steps you take during the day, the calories burned, the number of floors climbed… As you know from our article on recovery , it is essential. Watches equipped with HR sensors on the wrist analyze the phases of your sleep and therefore the effectiveness of your night for your recovery.


When your watch becomes FUN

As we like to run in style, we sometimes have the opportunity to change the straps of our watches. You will find colored bracelets for running, but also in leather, steel, carbon, for lifestyle! What if we finally freed ourselves from the phone to run to music ? Some watch models offer you the music option. Playlists are loaded from your pc, or via bluetooth with the watch application. Then just pair Bluetooth headphones with your watch.

Multisport smart watches

Some watches will sometimes offer you a running and cycling mode, and others, more complete, will be multisport watches . You will find running modes (road, trail and carpet), cycling (road, mountain bike and indoor), swimming (open water and swimming pool), hiking, cardio, triathlon with transitions, yoga… and many more!


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