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How to Choose Kids Phone Watch?

Apr 08,2021

1. The market of kids phone watch

Where there is demand, there is a market. In order to satisfy parents to protect their children's travel safety, the category of kids phone watch is derived from wearable smart devices. At present, many elementary and middle school students are equipped with kids phone watches, so parents can know where their children are in real time and won't be worried. But in the face of a wide variety of children's phone watches on the market, how should we choose?

2. How to choose kids phone watch

Kids phone watch is aimed at children, and it is most important to know where the children are at any time. So the first thing we need to pay attention to is the positioning function, which is also the main function of kids phone watch, and it needs to be able to provide sufficiently accurate positioning. The second is to see whether the battery has passed the safety test. Every kid phone watch needs to do battery-related reliability tests when it leaves the factory. The third is to see whether the whole machine has passed the reliability test, such as the body button test, touch screen test, drop test, high and low temperature test, roller test, hardness test, waterproof test, etc. Only after passing these tests can the kids phone watch products get quality certification.

Kids phone watch, like our common mobile phones, needs to be charged. So when we are shopping, we should pay attention to the battery life. Of course, the longer the better, and the heavy use should at least exceed one day. Kids phone watch is in direct contact with human skin and is worn for a long time, so the material must be safe. After determining the safety, battery life, and material, the function of the watch is also very important. However, it should be noted here that the functions of the kids phone watch are not very refined. Since it is a smart watch, it must be smart to operate, so the selected kids phone watch must be clear and simple to operate, and it is best that it does not require too much manual operation. .

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