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How to Choose Children's 4G Smart Watch

May 12,2021

The safety of children has always been the focus of attention of parents, and the emergence of children's watches can undoubtedly help parents to care for and contact their children in a timely and convenient manner. But in the face of all kinds of children's watches on the market, how to buy smart watch for kids? Many parents do not know how to choose.

As the basic function of children's 4G smart watch, whether the call sounds clear and whether it is convenient for children to communicate with their parents is the first thing to consider. The Umeox smart children's watch, with a full 4G network structure, makes the communication more smooth and stable. High-definition video calls and voice chats are also available anytime anywhere and you at the other end can enjoy face-to-face communication with your children.

1. Select children's 4G smart watch according to the positioning function

The positioning function is also one of the most important functions to protect the children. The positioning accuracy not only affects parents' determination of the child's real-time location, but also affects the realization of other functions, such as electronic fences, track recording, and one-key help... So parents should pay special attention to the positioning accuracy of children's watches when choosing.

The Umeox smart children's watch supports GPS, BDS, AGPS, WIFI, base station, g-sensor, video positioning and indoor positioning. The indoor positioning can be accurate to the specific floor location. Parents can also know the accurate location of the child in real time if the child is not around.

2. Select children's 4G smart watch according to the security defense function

In addition to multiple precise positioning, the multidimensional security defense system of the Umeox Children's 4G smart watch is also a great guarantee for children's safety. The watch comes with functions such as call whitelist, one-key SOS, safe area, exercise trajectory and tracking, which can allow parents to better grasp the whereabouts of their children. What's more, parents can independently turn on the camera and remotely view the surrounding conditions of their children. Only when children are safe, mothers can rest assured.

3. Select children's 4G smart watch according to waterproof and drop resistance

Children are very energetic by nature, bumps or splashes often occur when they are playing, so the waterproof and drop resistance of children's watches are very important. The material of the Umeox children's watch is flexible and resistant to fall with IP65 life waterproof, which can fully protect the child's playful nature.

4. Select children's 4G smart watch according to AI intelligence

A truly intelligent children's watch should also help children learn and start the era of intelligence. Children's 4G smart watch is equipped with AI artificial intelligence, such as the smart star on the wrist. Whether it is a question raised by a child or a difficult problem encountered, AI can easily solve it by acting as both a playmate and a good teacher.

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