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How to Buy Smart Voice Language Translator?

Aug 23,2021

There are many types of smart voice language translator on the market, with differences in performance and features. 

So, how do we buy a smart voice language translator?

smart voice language translator can be divided into two categories: only support translation into one foreign language, and arbitrary conversion between any two languages.

(1) For the purpose of traveling and sightseeing, choose the one-way smart voice language translator

The function of the one-way smart voice language translator is very single and simple, but it is this single function that can meet the needs of rapid translation in tourism. 

One-way smart voice language translator has certain limitations, but it is enough for sightseeing purposes!

(2) Choose a two-way ismart voice language translator for the purpose of making friends, studying, and business communication

If you want to integrate into the local area more quickly, and have more in-depth exchanges in terms of culture and business, the best choice is the two-waysmart voice language translator—not only the native language and foreign language translation, but also multilingual voice translation. 

The two-way smart voice language translator can almost achieve simultaneous interpretation, enabling more in-depth communication with local people in time. 

Similarly, in the process of learning a foreign language, it is highly recommended to use a two-way smart voice language translator.

(3) Translation speed of smart voice language translator

The translation conversion speed of the smart voice language translator determines the fluency of communication. 

The translation speed is slow, which can cause obstacles in usage scenarios such as asking directions, shopping, and business meetings. 

Therefore, when purchasing somesmart voice language translators, the number of seconds required for translation will be marked. 

Thesmart voice language translator currently on the market have a fast translation speed of 0.2 seconds, and a slow translation can be completed in 3 seconds. This speed is considered acceptable!

(4) Whether smart voice language translator can be used offline

Some models of smart voice language translator can support offline use, and some models can only be used online. 

The models that support offline function can be used when there is no guarantee that there are network signals in real time. In order to avoid signal loss, the most convenient model is to support offline function, but it is still necessary to say that the translation accuracy in offline state will be affected to a certain extent! 

Through the networkedsmart voice language translator, fast and accurate translation can be achieved in scenarios such as long articles, documents, daily conversations, and business negotiations.

(5) Does the smart voice language translator last long enough?

During the travel period, whether it can be charged or not is full of various uncertainties. 

Therefore, the choice of smart voice language translator is of course the longer the battery life, the better. 

The endurance time includes standby time and continuous use time. Standby time refers to the time when the smart voice language translator is not used and is normally powered on.

(6) Is the smart voice language translator easy to carry?

Most of the portable smart voice translator don't take up much space in the bag. The size is only as large as the palm of the hand. Most of them have a capacity of about 100g. In order to facilitate carrying and do not occupy space capacity.

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