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How Does the Air Pressure Balance Film of the Smart Watch Achieve Deep Water Protection?

Jun 01,2022

In today's daily life, security smart watches or smart bracelets are very common, and there are many primary and middle school students wearing watches that can make calls. These groups have higher and higher requirements for waterproofing of these smart wearable devices, every time you wash your hands, wash your face, exercise or sweat, swim in the water, encounter rain and snow, etc., so the probability of being exposed to water is still relatively high. If the dustproof and waterproof protection level of children's smart watches is not high, then It is easy to short-circuit the components in the watch due to water ingress, so today's smart watches have certain requirements for dust and water resistance.

1. Three commonly used acoustic materials for waterproof safety smart watches

With the advancement of the times, more and more people like to use smart devices, enjoying a large display screen and various functions. If the security smart watch is not waterproof, there will be many inconveniences in life. Water resistance has become one of the issues that must be considered in smartwatch design. For the waterproof of smart watches, they are VS series water pressure-resistant sound-transmitting membrane, VT series waterproof sound-transmitting membrane and VH series waterproof and breathable acoustic mesh. Each series plays a unique role in different application scenarios. At present, the VS series of water pressure-resistant sound-transmitting membranes are particularly well-liked and have been recognized by many smart watch manufacturers.

2. The air pressure balance film of the safety smart watch realizes deep water protection

In recent years, due to the continuous progress of waterproof materials and technology, the waterproof protection from IP54 can be 50m, and 20m can be directly worn for swimming. It is well known that the greater the underwater depth, the greater the pressure, which makes the inside of the watch also To generate a certain pressure, in order to make the atmospheric pressure in the watch the same as the atmospheric pressure at a certain depth underwater and maintain the internal and external air pressure balance, a safety smart watch air pressure balance film is generally used. The smart watch air pressure balance film can prevent water molecules from entering the inside of the watch and allow molecular particles. Air much smaller than water can pass through, which ensures the balance of internal and external air pressure and realizes the deep water protection of smart watches.

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