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How and why a watch with ECG can save your life

Jun 11,2021

What if a wearable could save your life? It sounds crazy, but yet this situation can now happen. The wearable market is becoming increasingly medicalized, offering you new services and new features to protect your health. Latest novelty, some watches are now capable of recording electrocardiograms.


Until now, the heart monitoring, fitness trackers and other smart wearable has been limited to cardio-optical sensors. The problem is, while this feature can give you an indication of your heart activity, it relies too heavily on the activity you are doing and does not detect heart problems.


This is why brands are now evolving their devices to better take care of heart rhythm disorders. As with other medical problems, screening is essential. Hence the development of wearables with electrocardiogram functionality . Self-measurement then makes it possible to obtain precise results without the 'white coat' effect that some people may experience and thus prevent possible accidents or heart problems.

A medical ECG on your wrist

Today, in Europe and the United States, it is estimated that one in four adults will suffer from atrial fibrillation in their lifetime, that is, from an irregular heartbeat. This abnormality in the electrical activity of the heart is responsible for about 1/3 of strokes. However, 90% of these accidents could be avoided with early detection.


Now, from your wrist, thanks to new wearables, it is now possible for anyone to easily detect atrial fibrillation, especially in the event of symptoms such as palpitations. Atrial fibrillation is an arrhythmia that presents as irregular episodes that may not occur during a consultation with a healthcare professional. It is then likely not to detect this disease from the first visits. Wearing a watch that allows an ECG recording allows you to capture your AF episodes at any time.

New types of wearables, such as the #Umeox Maxcares Mate 2, widen the diagnostic window and offer a non-invasive tool for detecting cardiac arrhythmias. The detailed results are visible in the applications of the different brands and it is even possible to share them with your doctor for better monitoring. An early diagnosis of this type of arrhythmia can make a real difference in the effectiveness of the proposed treatment.


ECG finally affordable for everyone

The Maxcares Mate 2 finally democratizes the realization of an ECG certified medical CE, traditional medical devices often proving to be quite complicated it is true. Thus, there is no need to spend several hundred euros, or even to follow a complicated procedure to record an ECG. In addition to benefiting from an analog watch design and a one-year battery life, you can easily perform an ECG anytime and in seconds.


Year after year, wearables are thus enriched with more complex functions that always aim to preserve our health. In the future, some objects could even go even further. A prototype currently being tested would, for example, make it possible to fight overdoses and alert the emergency services in the event of danger.


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