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Four Major Development Trends of Children's Smart Watches in the Future

Jul 01,2021

1. Convert functional machines to smart machines to build a more complete ecosystem

With the appearance of mobile phone systems in children's smart watches, it will make the ecology of children's smart watches have a greater leap, and more innovative services and application scenarios will appear. For example, the docking with other children's education and training institutions, children's physical examinations, and hospitals have helped children's smart watches build a more complete ecosystem.

2. Children's smart watches have more functions, and the operating system becomes more intelligent

Children's phone&watches will be enriched with functions such as maps, positioning, QR codes, and payment. In addition, there are voice recognition, human-computer interaction, educational applications, game control, and smartwatches with GPS tracking. There are solutions for voice recognition in children's watches.

Children's phone&watches will take on the role of children's smart housekeepers. In addition to security, communication, games, etc., they will also make efforts in technical fields such as identity verification, knowledge base, and health monitoring. In terms of interaction, real-time video and voice recognition functions will be enhanced.

3. Children's smart watch screens are getting bigger

As children's mobile phones and watches become more intelligent, the screens of children's watches are getting bigger and bigger to satisfy more functional applications. It can be seen from the iteration of mainstream brand watches on the market that the previous screens are generally 0.66 to 0.98 inches, with resolutions of 48x64 and 94x64. The screen sizes of mainstream products launched recently and next year are up to 1 to 1.3 inches, and the resolution is around 128x64, 128x128.

4. The battery life of children's smart watches is getting stronger and stronger

In order to continue to innovate by the manufacturers of children's smart watches, smart children's watches are the trend. But as the watch becomes more and more powerful, battery life will become the biggest problem. In the era of feature phones, children's watches need to be charged every day due to the relatively large power consumption of the positioning function. In the era of smart phones, battery life will become the biggest obstacle to its market. Therefore, battery life will be one of the most important technologies for manufacturers.

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