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Equipping your elderly loved one with a smart watch for the elderly

May 25,2021


Keeping in touch with elderly relatives is not always easy, especially when they are isolated or living far from them. We tend to worry about them, to wonder where they are and if they are okay. So much reason to equip them with a smart watch for seniors.

The smart watch for seniors: what for and for what uses?

Did you think that the smart watchis reserved for geek or sportsmen? Think again ! Some models are specially designed for the elderly. In particular, these provide reassurance as to the health and safety of their user.

Depending on the person's level of autonomy, certain functions are more or less useful: geolocation, definition of geographic barriers, emergency calls, etc. The advantage of the smart watchcompared to the connected bracelet is that it makes it possible to know time. Thus, some seniors who are reluctant to new technologies but attached to wearing a watch will no doubt more easily accept to opt for a connected model.

Umeox Smart Watch with GPS Tracker

Lightweight and easy to use, the Umeox Smart Watch has the advantage of almost being able to replace a mobile phone. Convenient for seniors who are more recalcitrant to this device!

Among its “classic” smart watch functions, we thus find:


SMS (reception only)

Creation of geographical areas, such as the garden, the house, etc.

Works with a mobile subscription

Resists splashing water

Linked to a mobile application

Configuring an alarm

Security features

But that's not all since this smart watchalso includes security features :

Thanks to the GPS system, the user of the watch can be located in real time. His relatives can also consult his travel history.

Notifications in the event of leaving or entering geographic areas defined upstream.

Setting up an emergency number

Configuration of a monitor number to listen to the watch even when the user does not answer.

A SIM card and a telephone plan

You can choose a suitable telephone subscription , or insert your own SIM card to make and receive calls and to read text messages.

A mobile tracking application

All the information collected by the watch can of course be viewed remotely by the user's relatives. To do this, they can download the application , available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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