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Children's Phone Watches Can Take Care of Children's Growth

Apr 18,2022

With the development of technology, parents have bought children's smart phone watches for their children in order to know their children's information anytime and anywhere and ensure their safety. So how do children's phone watches ensure safety? Safety is a concern of all parents, and it is also the core capability of children's smart watches. To ensure safety, children's smart watches should strive for excellence in the following aspects.

1. Children's phone watches are with GPS

At present, mainstream children's phone watches will use the US GPS (Global Positioning System), and some brands use China's Beidou positioning, as well as the Russian GLONASS positioning system, but no matter which positioning system is used, the current positioning error is the same. Large, in the range of 10 to 20 meters, it is basically more accurate. Of course, these three positioning systems can only be used outdoors, and basically cannot be used indoors, because positioning satellites cannot be found! Therefore, it is necessary to use other positioning tools indoors, such as LBS positioning. In fact, LBS positioning is to use wireless base stations to locate, but the coverage of wireless base stations is very wide, so the error of LBS positioning is very large, and the error is within the range of 100-1000 meters. In addition to LBS positioning, some watches also have WiFi positioning functions, and the WiFi positioning error is relatively small, basically within 100 meters. WiFi positioning can temporarily solve the problem of large indoor positioning errors, but because the watch is equipped with a WiFi Bluetooth module, power consumption is also a problem. The positioning of parents' mobile phones combined with WiFi can also achieve the same positioning effect.

2. The call function of Children's phone watches 

This is the main function of children's phone watches. After the user binds the watch through the mobile APP, set the address book of the watch, so that the watch and the phone can call each other. Generally, the watch has a built-in speaker, and the sound is very clear. When the child wears it on the wrist, it basically does not need to be close to the ear to talk normally. In addition, after setting up the watch contacts, generally unfamiliar calls will be rejected, which is also to prevent children from receiving calls from bad people.

3. One-key call for help on children's phone watches

Children can press the call for help button when he encounters an emergency. And the watch will immediately call the emergency contact, send a text message and an APP notification to inform the parent that the parent will receive the call for the first time, and can be displayed on the APP map. See your child's latest location.

4. Confidentiality function of children's phone watches

Due to information confidentiality issues, some children's smart watches are liked or prohibited by others, mainly because some children's smart watches have security risks. Data is not encrypted when storing and transmitting data, which will cause information leakage. Therefore, children's smart watches should encrypt data transmission to ensure the safety of children's information.

5. The usage time of children's phone watches

Children's smart watch needs power support, and without power protection, no amount of functions can be performed. At present, the standby time of children's smart watches on the market is generally between 6 hours and 1.5 days. If children go to school, there may be insufficient power when they come home at night. Therefore, when choosing children's watches, you must pay attention to the use time.

6. Anti-pickling of children's phone watches

Some brands of children's phone watches also have an anti-pickling function. When the child's watch falls off, the watch will notify the parents through the APP as soon as possible, telling the parent where the child has fallen off the watch.

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