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Beautiful Anti-loss Tracker, "Housekeeper" for Parents and "Wet Nurse" for Children

Jul 22,2021

As the generations born in the 80s and 90s began to become the mainstay of society, their shoulders also began to take up the responsibility of nurturing the next generation. 

However, those born in the 80s and 90s are always bound by mobile phones. People often see in the news that parents take their children out to play because they are too addicted to playing with mobile phones and the children get lost. 

This kind of news happened frequently in various places and caused countless netizens to shout, "Is this really my father and mother?" In order to avoid such a tragedy, the anti lost tracker for children came out. Now, let me introduce in detail the features of anti-lost tracker.

1. The anti lost tracker host and sub-machine cooperate with each other

The child anti lost tracker is divided into a host and a sub-machine. Parents put the sub-machine on the child's body, and the host is on their own body. When the child cannot be found, the child's location can be checked according to the track playback function. It is convenient for parents to find their children.

2. The anti lost tracker can set the safety range

Parents can also set a safety range on the anti lost GPS host. Once the child exceeds this range, the host will sound an alarm, and the parent can call the child in time to prevent it from being lost. 

If you do not hear the alarm sound, you can also use the button on the main unit to ring the sub-machine, and the parents can find the child through the sound.

3. Intelligent operation of anti lost tracker, easy to understand

You can register and pass identity verification on the anti lost tracker platform to perform dual GPS and GSM positioning to determine where the child is. 

In this way, even if the parents are not at home, they can also notify the family members to go to the designated place to search.

4. Call function of anti lost tracker

The anti lost tracker not only allows parents to find their children, but also allows children to find their parents. It is mainly through GSM voice for two-way conversation. Not only that, when children encounter difficulties, they can also long press the handset button for emergency help. 

Anti lost trackers have given many "careless" parents a certain amount of liberation. Even so, when taking their children out to play, try not to look at mobile phones. This is not only to protect the children, but also to increase mutual feelings.

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