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Analysis of Children's Smartwatch Market

Aug 02,2021

How big the market for kids smart watches is, let's roughly calculate it.

If every child uses a smart watch, an average watch is 500 yuan, and it is consumed every three years, and the penetration rate is 30%, a consumer market of tens of billions will be formed.

This is the main reason why kids smart watch suppliers pay attention to the children's market.

1. Consumer market for kids smart watches

There are many reasons why companies are confident to do this product well.

First of all, children generally wear electronic watches, but with the development of technology and children's exposure to more and more technological products, ordinary electronic watches can no longer attract their interest. They need products with more functions.

Secondly, for parents, they are worried about the safety of their children and need to know the location of their children in time. kids smart watches with positioning functions can allow them to find their children quickly and prevent them from getting lost.

In addition, nowadays parents love their children, and a smart watch worth hundreds of dollars will satisfy the children as much as possible.

2. Technical threshold for kids smart watches

To some extent, kids smartwatch is a reduced version of smart phones. Smart phones have been developed for so many years, the software and hardware are very mature. kids smartwatches have no technical threshold, and many technology companies can produce them.

In the current consumer market, the most difficult thing is to cultivate consumer loyalty to the brand.

3. Sales channels of kids smart watches

At present, kids smart watches, like other digital products, are mainly sold online, and are classified as technology digital.

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