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Activity trackers: the smartwatch your electronic sports coach

May 24,2021


It is well known to all that a healthy mind in a healthy body is the ultimate guarantee of a fulfilling life and of a health which resists all vicissitudes. However, it is often not easy to find the motivation necessary to accomplish our good resolutions. Our physical performance is affected and our goals are compromised. In this kind of circumstance, the technical assistance of a sports coach can be remarkably effective. Either way, we have much better to offer you. Maxcares Mate, an electronic sports coach with cutting-edge technology that you can wear proudly on your wrist for personalized assistance throughout your workouts.

Digital at the service of performance

The beginnings of smartwatches timidly saw the light of day around the 1980s but they did not bear the name of smart watches until 1990 before seeing the concept develop around the years 2010. Thus electronic gadgets made their appearance allowing to measure the heart rate of an athlete. Since then, digital technology and new technologies have completely transformed the practice of sport by offering fairly innovative options to learn about the smallest parameters related to physical activity.

The invaluable benefits of using a smart tracker

The meteoric rise in technological advancement has fostered the emergence of ultra sophisticated and miniaturized electronic gadgets . Connected objects intended for various uses are now ubiquitous in our daily life. Growing in popularity, these tools go beyond fashion and trend, now revealing themselves to you as tools that you may not be able to part with. We present here the surprising advantages of a smart watch.

First, a smartwatch allows you to set clear, tangible goals for yourself . The fact of setting goals and writing them down engages you in the perspective of pragmatism, a context favorable to the emergence of your dreams. Smart trackers allow you to select the tasks you want to perform in order to quantify the daily progress you make whether it is swimming, running, weight training or even cycling. Depending on the sport chosen, you have the option of attaching your goals to your smart tracker and then from the latter to your computer so that your challenges are omnipresent in your daily life.

In addition, the use of a smart watch makes you more responsible, especially since if nothing pushes you to get out of your lethargy, your passivity, it's a safe bet that you are lacking motivation, in this context. , nothing prevents you from slouching all day long on your sofa with a can of soda in your hand. So with the different functions of these watches, you will keep the focus on your priorities thanks to the different reminder functions for sports sessions.

The exceptional assets of our activity trackers

When it comes to satisfying our customers and guaranteeing you exceptional comfort, we are never short of ideas. We are always innovating for you, our activity trackers , both elegant and discreet, are now your real allies in all your movements, in addition to the notifications from your various social networks that you receive, you have access to your mailbox thanks to the ingenious ability of our activity trackers to connect directly to your smartphone.

This gadget is endowed with a hallucinatory charm thanks to its aesthetics and cutting-edge technology that merges both bio Tech tools, a powerful digital arsenal, all assembled in a mount that trots majestically on your wrist. With this wonder resulting from the latest technological innovations, your health now benefits from a scrupulous monitoring and as proof, our activity tracker constantly informs you about your blood pressure, your temperature or your heart rate, as much to say that it is a real miniature computer hanging on your wrist!

Adapted to both men and women, our inexpensive smart watch is now your electronic sports coach resolutely committed to supporting you in your exploits, it analyzes your performance in great depth and provides you with coaching options that encourage you to go forward.

Be aware of your progress with our high performance activity tracker! Maxcares Mate also allow you to follow your sports progress , to measure them realistically in order to adjust your work methodology or your goals as needed. Without a goal, without a precise ideal, it will be very difficult to make progress. One of the ultimate advantages of using a smart watch is that you will now be able to consult in real time all the variables related to your activity: heart rate, distance traveled and even a fairly precise estimate of the time. number of calories expended during the activity.

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