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The GPS tracker to track your children

May 29,2021


Nowadays, more and more HIGH TECH brands are releasing equipment to locate their child. It is obvious that worried parents can track it through their SMART PHONE. For many, this new surveillance system offers more freedom to minors, makes them more autonomous and responsible. They can also come home from school on their own or simply go to a two-avenue boyfriend's house, without the care or supervision of an adult.


Geolocation devices: How does it work?

For others, this new trend is riding on parental concerns, as Child Focus, Foundation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children thinks. “In some situations, for children with disabilities who cannot take care of themselves, this technology can help parents even more. For other children, this restrictive monitoring system is not recommended.


First of all, from a pedagogical point of view. Growing up means making choices in freedom, being responsible. Indeed, by opting for this system, the child is no longer free and cannot decide to be responsible because he is locked in a virtual cage where he feels controlled. By using these devices, the adult is harboring such sadness and implicitly confirming to their child that they are in danger all the time.


The latter emphasizes criminal kidnappings are extremely rare. This technology cannot completely eliminate violent kidnapping. If the criminal understands that the child has a tracer, he will simply damage it. Well, there are normally risks, however, you shouldn't overdo it. Children must be taught to live with risks and not necessarily tell them that they are in danger. From a certain age, children can be responsible. They do not need this GPS system to respect such an agreement with their parents.


Opt for a child GPS tracker that goes to school every day and spends all day elsewhere.


To prevent your child from getting lost, here are some very useful tips: put a bracelet on him with his phone number, dress him in flashy colors, teach his child to stay where he is if he gets lost and that his parents will come to pick him up, give him a meeting place with a remarkable landmark, for example, a sign, a flag, a store, a bookstore and many others.


What the manufacturers confirm

“Our desire is to offer the best of technology at the service of families, with a dual objective; more freedom, more tranquility. For children, we notice, for example, that over time they are less and less free to move around on their own, while the protection has never been greater. We want to allow parents to free themselves from the natural sadness that they may feel, as a result, allow children to learn to be independent ”


For parents who wish to control their child, it is in fact possible to choose many geolocation equipment, note in this regard, the child GPS tracker watch .


It is a connected device, intended for children between 6 and 12 years old. In particular, it is at the same time a watch, a telephone, a GPS and an SOS aid in the event of an emergency. The phone can contact only 3 stored numbers. The GPS makes it possible to specify the location of his child anywhere in the world. Thus, the SOS system sends an SMS or an alert with the position of the child, in the event of an accident, loss, discomfort, etc. The application linked to the watch makes it possible to provide delimited zones and to warn parents if their child leaves or enters it.

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