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Physical activity can boost your immune system

May 21,2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has got many of us thinking about health and wellness issues - perhaps for the first time. We inquired about questions like: "How is the virus spread? »What are his symptoms? How to protect yourself? "

While we are still waiting for an effective vaccine, it is important to remember how our immune system works. After all, if we are infected with any virus (COVID-19 or whatever), it's up to our immune system to protect our body and fight off harmful organisms.

Our immune system defends us in two basic ways:

1. For each virus, it develops specific antibodies, which adapt to and fight viruses.


2. It maintains a "general defense system" using natural killer cells (NK cells, for short).


Here is the key question for all of us: how can we strengthen our immune defenses? One of the best ways to do this is through regular physical activity - and strength training in particular.


Of course, setting goals is important, but being able to measure your progress is another factor. Without a goal, measuring your progress makes no sense because you don't know what you want to accomplish. And having a goal without ever dwelling on your progress is also of little use. You may end up practicing haphazardly and not knowing if you are near (or far) from your goal.


With Umeox sports watch, you can see all the variables that can be measured. Thus, you can follow your progress and know the points that you still have to improve. In general, the parameters that can be measured (depending on the model) are:

Cardiac frequency

Number of minutes / hours of racing

Number of kilometers traveled (if the watch is equipped with GPS)

Intervals (average speed / time on different segments)

Number of calories burned

You can measure a large number of parameters during your sports sessions. Of course, the number of calories burned is an indication, but the measurement of other parameters is very accurate.

Wearing a sports watch during sports sessions is more beneficial for endurance athletes than for people who go to the gym. When you want to build muscle mass, there is little point in measuring your heart rate or the other parameters above.


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