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5 Ways to Get More Deep Sleep

Jun 26,2021

 Lack of sleep has a direct impact on our health and even on our moods. If you lack sleep, then perhaps you are experiencing mood disorders or perhaps you are also lacking in concentration? Lack of sleep is not to be taken lightly and sleep deprivation is dangerous. From a weakened immune system to reduced fertility, the risks are numerous. So since we know the importance of sleep on our body and our mind, here are our  5 tips for sleeping well … and getting back to a healthy sleep cycle.
sleep well

1. Bedtime rituals


Let's start with the inevitable, the screens. We can never repeat it enough and yet we will always have trouble doing without, screens are the enemies of sleep. The blue light  they emit disrupts the production of melatonin, also called the sleep hormone. This hormone is produced by our body mainly at night. It is also preferable to sleep in complete darkness, the darkness stimulating the production of melatonin.


Taking a good book and delving into its story is a better way to prepare your mind for sleep. Reading distracts our attention from the stress and problems accumulated during the day. It's a great way to relax before bed and increase deep sleep cycles.


In addition, it is important, as much as possible, to maintain a certain consistency in the times of bed and awakening in order to regulate our sleep. Thus, by accustoming our biological clock to certain times, falling asleep will be almost instantaneous.

2. A sporting practice


It's proven, dynamic and athletic people sleep better than others! Sport regulates tension, relieves stress and allows you to let off steam. In addition, the drop in body temperature after exercise promotes sleep.

In short, participating in a regular sporting activity is an important factor in sleeping well. But be careful, practicing too intense physical activity sometimes tends to stimulate us and give us energy rather than falling asleep.


Choosing the right time is also important for ensuring restful sleep. When we play sports, and this is even more true for intense sports, our body secretes endorphins and our heart rate increases. It will then take about 90 minutes for our body to calm down and find itself in a form conducive to falling asleep. It is therefore preferable to avoid playing sports before going to sleep.

3. A good diet


As surprising as it may sound, what you eat has a direct impact on the quality of sleep. Very logically, foods containing caffeine or theine should be avoided. As is chocolate for example, containing stimulants that would prevent us from falling asleep when it comes time to go to bed.

Cigarettes should also be avoided. Nicotine is an stimulant that can interfere with falling asleep and sleep cycles.
So let's take it easy on energy drinks and other exciting things! And if you can not help yourself all day, choose such consumption in the morning and avoid all stimulants at least 5 hours before bedtime.


A balanced diet, yes! But beyond the composition of our meals, it is important that they are light and easy to digest. Because when we sleep, our body temperature is rather low. Yet, digestion of rich foods tends to increase body temperature! But be careful, you shouldn't eat TOO light either. Otherwise, our body secretes a hormone that prevents us from sleeping ... not to mention the nighttime cravings which should be avoided!
It is therefore important to eat healthy in the evening. Neither too much nor not enough.

4. Adequate bedding


For restful sleep, there is one essential thing: choosing the right mattress. The right mattress is the mattress best suited to our body type. For this,  memory foam mattresses  are the best students. They are known for their incomparable comfort, temperature regulation, improvement of blood circulation ...

They even ensure sleeping independence. Nothing like it to get better sleep for people whose partner is restless at night.


In addition, by redistributing the points of support of the body, memory foam mattresses relieve pain and promote muscle recovery. No more pain will disturb your good night's sleep. They are also highly recommended for children, babies and people with allergies since they are hypoallergenic.

We sleep about ⅓ of our life… So why not treat ourselves to the best companion for our nights?

5. Natural remedies


For those who still cannot find restful sleep, there is no point in rushing on sleeping pills! There are many natural remedies to finally join the arms of Morpheus.

A hot shower or a good hot bath promotes relaxation and slows the heart rate. The cocooning effect and taking care of our body will relax us and clear our heads. To relax, breathing techniques are also recommended, accompanied by soft music and calm, of course.


Likewise, an herbal tea is a great way to warm up. There are many plants with soothing properties recommended for better sleep such as chamomile, valerian, lavender, passionflower and even hops! From calming the mind to relieving pain, plants have many new properties that are beneficial to sleep. Linden, for example, promotes falling asleep thanks to its active principle, farnesol, which attaches itself to the same receptors in our brain as sleeping pills. In infusion, inhalation or in capsules, plants are therefore the best friends of our nights.

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