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5 reasons to equip your child with Umeox Smartwatch for the start of the school year!

Jun 07,2021


# 1 Autonomy when you hold us ...

Intended for 7/11 year olds, this connected watch is perfect for offering a first autonomy to the child. He can thus take bike rides, go out with his friends without being accompanied, and make the most of his free time ! In the event of a problem, he can also reach his parents at any time!


# 2 Zen parents! No worries for parents !

Umeox kids SmartWatch geolocates precisely the position of the child. For greater security, only his contacts can call him. A list that parents can easily set up through the app. The child has fun, the parent is calm , it's a win-win!


# 3 The phone watch that does just like the big ones!

It is not a smartphone, but it has all the functionalities: color touch screen, sending and receiving calls , exchanging voice messages and chats with friends. Umeox kids SmartWatch has the ability to integrate a multitude of contacts desired by parents . The child thus remains connected with his family and friends like a secret agent! Much easier to make an appointment!


# 4 The 1st sports coach for children!

One of the special features of this watch is to record the physical expenses of the child on a daily basis. Very fun, the virtual animal, who lives in the watch, follows his physical activity and encourages him every day. Children can even challenge each other!


# 5 Thought for school

Classroom mode has been specially designed to be compatible with the child's school life.

Thanks to an intelligent schedule, the connected watch becomes a simple watch again and automatically deactivates all its communication functions during class time. When leaving school, the classroom mode is deactivated on its own and allows the child to take back possession of the watch in its entirety.

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